wellwater4kids is a tax exempt organization with no paid staff. 100% of your donation will serve the purpose.
wellwater4kids is a tax exempt organization with no paid staff.100% of your donation will serve the purpose.

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wellwater4kids's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our mission.

Mathieu Takam, RN

Executive Director


Mathieu is one of the luckiest child who was part of the first generation of the elementary school started under a tree. He was so fortunate to make it to ther USA where he is serving in DFW area as a Registered Nurse. Mathieu is very committed to Wellwater4kids and hope for it to be a success story because HE LIVED IT. He graduated from under the tree in 1973 to the first school house after successful reading of the alphabet without mistake. He also met the citical criteria of your right hand should reach your left ear across your head to show that you were old enough to attent the school bulding as there was no birth certificate. After graduation from the school house, Mathieu used to walk 10 miles one way to attend 4th grade and up. In 2016, the conditions in the village have not changed. Kids still go to the toilet in the open, they still walk about 5 miles to collect water from the a dirty river, most of the girls still follow their mothers to the farm as they cannot afford the 10 dollars yearly tuition.

As a husband and a father of 4 wonderful young kids, with your support, Mathieu is committed to make Wellwater4kids a success story.


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100% of your donation is tax deductible and will serve the purpose as we have no paid staff. (30% will help us provide refreshments to your local PD and FD for the safety and security they provide to us. 70% will serve wellwater4kids)

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